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Susie Pearl's book on happiness delivers a combination of the science of happiness with practical tools for happiness in everyday life.   It's got its own style - fresh, colourful and a very strong design.   I particularly like the combination of new science and old age wisdom.   It's bright, striking and a joy to look at.   A  must read.'

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 ‘Wheeee!  Well done, Susie.  I LOVE how you’ve done it. I’ve dived straight in. Brilliantly laid out.  Genius.’

‘In this powerful book, Susie Pearl delivers an exceptionally well-structured and grounded approach to self mastery. A clear and powerful read.’

‘Beautiful words, beautiful designs, and beautiful ideas – my friend Susie has written a beautiful book for you that will help you to live a wonderful life.’

 ‘This is the most beautifully designed self-help book I’ve ever seen.’

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Susie Pearl

Susie is a writer and mentor to successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, artists and creative people around the world. She has worked with famous names from music, TV and the business world and was founder and CEO of one of the world's leading celebrity PR agencies. Susie spent years as mentor and Managing Director to Paul McKenna and his business and has been advisor to many of the world's most successful brands including Microsoft, Adidas and Sony, training them how to work smarter and more happily. Susie now writes, presents and hosts personal trainings in the unique CREATE system.

email: info@create-happiness.org


Paul McCartney - Paul McCartney asked me for an early look at the book and was the first to read it. He told me he really likes it and has used many of the ideas and principles in his own life and work.
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Instructions for happiness
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Instructions for happiness
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