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Instructions for Happiness and Success is a no-nonsense guide to bringing your dreams into reality. Written by Susie Pearl, writer and mentor to successful artists, entrepreneurs and business people all over the world, it reveals a unique method for manifesting a great life. The book contains all the tools you need to bring more pleasure, health, adventure, wealth, love, success, optimism, joy and inspiration into your life.


It is a practical manual for the mind, backed with transformational audios, containing some of the most important life-changing tools and transformational information known today about how to consciously create a wonderful life. The information is based on universal laws that always work. The book reveals a bullet-proof system that will create more happiness and success in your life. Accompanying your journey are guided visualisation audios, backed with special entrainment background music to take you into a bliss state and download key positivity tools direct to your brain.

To begin transforming your life you first need to find out where you sit on the emotional scale. Check your own position on the emotions chart below, click on the emotion, and read the affirmation. By starting to use these affirmations, you are ready to start going up the scale, feeling better with each step. The book will give you all the tools you need to move up the scale. Begin here by finding out where you are currently, and take the first steps to change.

How are you feeling today?

Emotion+ High vibration

Love and bliss
I know deeply that I am loved completely. I love who I am. I love my life. I give and receive love easily. Bliss is a state I can feel whenever I choose. Feeling love will take me into positive manifesting immediately.

I feel joy deep in my heart. I know what joy is and make a point of feeling this in my everyday life. I can feel joy instantly by thinking joyful thoughts. Simple things such as being in nature bring me straight into a feeling of joy. Joy can be found in the simple things of life: looking at a cloud, a leaf, a rose. Joy is perfection in motion.

I accept peace into my heart. I know what peace is and bring it into my life right now. Whatever is going on for me, I know the feeling of peace and choose this now.

I allow tranquility in. I love being tranquil and the more I feel this, the better my life gets. I let in the flow of tranquility through every cell and molecule of my body. It feels so good to feel tranquil.

I know the power of being enthusiastic and excited about all the positive things I am experiencing and expecting in my life right now. Feeling enthusiasm powers my inner resources and makes me feel strong. I am allowing enthusiasm to flow strongly through my body, knowing that my frequency gets stronger.

I remember how to feel happy and do so regardless of what is going on in my life today. Being happy is a choice and I choose this now. I go there first feeling happy. I feel the sensation of happiness starting in my heart and expand this feeling through my body. I am smiling from the inside out right now.

The feelings of eagerness allow me to feel good about what is coming into my experience. I feel eager for more joy, excitement and fun in my life today. I build feelings of eagerness and combine this with excitement to power up my positive manifestations fast.

Positive expectation
I know what positive expectation is and I allow myself to feel this now. I expect the positive outcomes to show up in my life with gentleness and faith, without the need for any push. I love expecting great things to happen and they do. My heart is powering positive expectation through my body.

I am optimistic about my life and outcome. I know that good things happen to me. I have the feeling of positivity and optimism running through my whole body. It feels good to feel optimistic. I look out for the best in all things and expect this.

I feel hopeful. I know that things are getting better for me and that good things are heading in my direction. The feelings of hope and optimism are present in me right now. It feels good and makes me feel stronger when I am hopeful. I have a strong feeling of hopefulness inside.

I have the feelings of being contented. I feel contended with where I am now and combine this with calling for even better outcomes in my life. I love where I am right now and choose even greater things to come into my life and I allow this. Feeling contented with who I am and where I am right now. It's perfect for where I am today.

I love feeling playful. I choose to have a light heart and to laugh often and feel good deep inside myself. I know how to look at life in a light way and feel playful with ideas, people, thoughts and outcomes. Being playful helps me feel better and raises my vibration higher. I love feeling playful.

Just about OK

I choose to take my attention away from the negative vibration of boredom and instead focus on ideas that interest me and get me excited. I choose curiosity. I am making plans to do something that gives me pleasure. Amazing things happen in my life when I choose new and exciting ideas.

Pessimism, frustration
I know that looking on the bleak side will not help me in the long run. I know that frustration is a negative state. I choose to think about things in a more positive way and look more for how things go right rather than how they go wrong. I choose to release feeling frustrated and pessimistic.

Irritation, annoyance
I release feelings of irritation and annoyance. I know these negative emotions simply don't work for me. I choose to feel stronger and let go of these downbeat thoughts and allow better thoughts to flow into my mind. These better feelings bring me a greater sense of calm so I attract better experiences into my life.

I am an incredible human being. For today, I will relax and breathe knowing that everything is taken care of perfectly. I am releasing the pressure that I feel in my life through relaxing and breathing. I let go of feelings of being overwhelmed knowing that I can do only what I can do and this is enough. I am safe. I love and trust my life.

Disappointment, doubt
In disappointment are the seeds for me to grow. I choose to let go of my doubts and disappointments. I look more eagerly towards where I choose to be going and the road ahead. I focus on trusting that all is unfolding perfectly. I trust my life. I know having trust is the fast route to coming out of my disappointment and doubts.

I know that worrying is like praying for the bad things to happen. I let go of worry and choose to trust instead. I trust that all is well and that my best outcome will present itself. I choose to let go of worry and head for a more positive outlook in life. I begin now.

Blame, discouragement
I let go of all blame in my life of myself and others. I know that living with blame is destructive and counter-productive and I choose to let go of this. I know that what I think and feel creates my life experience, so I choose more encouraging thoughts to help me rise upwards fast.

Anger, revenge, rage
I release feelings of anger from my body and so release the destructive power of this force on my body and cells. I am so much stronger without anger. I know how to release anger and I do so now easily and effortlessly. I choose to focus on things that make me feel good. I release the need to get revenge as I know this leads me directly into a negative attraction state. I rise above rage and the need for revenge. I choose to be forgiving and attract better things into my life.

I choose to release the power that jealousy has over me. I understand this is a destructive power and I choose to let it go. I trust myself and others to be the best that we can be. I feel confident in myself and who I am. I know how to live without destructive jealousy. I know how to trust others and those that I love.

Guilt, unworthiness
I release the need to blame anyone including myself. I am doing the best I can with the understanding and knowledge that I have. I am worthy to feel good and I now make better decisions. I choose to be optimistic now and know that I am worthy of living my best life.

I release my fears and doubts. I choose to be free of fear and trust who I am. I feel loved. I am looked after and I trust that all is well in the big picture of life. I know that being in fear leads me to attract negativity faster and I know it's important to free my mind of negativity. I choose to look at things positively and to feel better inside.

Grief, despair, hopelessness, feeling like it's the end- Low vibration
II can change things. I know I can do this. I know in my heart that I can change things in my life and begin to feel better when I go step by step. I have hope and faith that things get better. I know I can feel better. I am breathing deeply and choose to feel better breath by breath. My life is safe. I am loved and supported at all times.

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Susie Pearl

Susie is a writer and mentor to successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, artists and creative people around the world. She has worked with famous names from music, TV and the business world and was founder and CEO of one of the world's leading celebrity PR agencies. Susie spent years as mentor and Managing Director to Paul McKenna and his business and has been advisor to many of the world's most successful brands including Microsoft, Adidas and Sony, training them how to work smarter and more happily. Susie now writes, presents and hosts personal trainings in the unique CREATE system.

email: info@create-happiness.org


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