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Here are the powerful audios that link directly with the book. These audios give you instructions that go directly into your mind. They are easy to use and will trigger fantastic and positive transformations in your life. You do not need to do anything other than listen and relax. You can listen to these audios anytime to boost your internal radar for happiness.

The audios have background music engineered specifically to take you into a place of feeling blissful, relaxed and happy. Remember that they are designed to support you when working through the content of the book. As you read the book, you can download positive programming. It’s that simple.
These audios will have a powerful effect on your happiness and will change your life in positive ways.

Do not drive or use machinery while listening to these audios.  We (author, publishers, agents and associated parties) do not accept any liability from anyone using or listening to these audios. These are available for use at your own risk and liability.

Audio 01 - Page 10 Make a change

This audio will give you the tools to begin and get you ready to make some big changes for the better.


Audio 02 - Page 15 Playdream

This audio is designed to make you feel strong, optimistic and confident.

Audio 03 - Page 45 Feeling good

This audio will change your emotional state and make you feel a whole lot better.

Audio 04 - Page 59 Re-version

This audio is designed to show you how to align to a new version of you.

Audio 05 - Page 86 Release

This audio will give you the power to release blocks and fear.

Audio 06 - Page 106 Instructions for manifesting

This audio is designed to take you through the 'CREATE' process step-by-step and guide you through creating your own inner instructions for happiness and success.

Audio 07 - Page 113 Free your mind

This audio will get you feeling relaxed and guide you into expanding your viewpoint – getting you into a great place for manifesting.

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Susie Pearl

Susie is a writer and mentor to successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, artists and creative people around the world. She has worked with famous names from music, TV and the business world and was founder and CEO of one of the world's leading celebrity PR agencies. Susie spent years as mentor and Managing Director to Paul McKenna and his business and has been advisor to many of the world's most successful brands including Microsoft, Adidas and Sony, training them how to work smarter and more happily. Susie now writes, presents and hosts personal trainings in the unique CREATE system.

email: info@create-happiness.org


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Instructions for happiness
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