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What's it all about?


Instructions for Happiness and Success* is a revolutionary system for living a great life. Developed by Susie Pearl, mentor to successful artists, entrepreneurs and business people, it reveals a unique method for creating a great life using your mind-power.

The Instructions system is based on the latest scientific research from the field of quantum physics and psychology and is blended with ancient wisdom. The techniques work for everyone and anyone can use them effectively. The simple, fast and bullet-proof reality-creation programme, as outlined in Susie’s book, is a unique mix of science, wisdom and practical exercises. It is accompanied by relaxing and empowering audios that download the key information from the book direct to your brain. This is where books meet new technology: you get engaged, you get involved and you get it all downloaded. Above all – it’s fun to do and it works.

If you need to make changes in your life, you can make a start with some powerful taster ideas from the book given in the chart below. 

Need to sort your life out?


Your lifestyle and experience depends upon you. You are the sole architect and designer of your life's outcomes. It really is that simple. The more we shape up, get clear, release fears and relax into living the life we choose – the more we get success and happiness pouring into our world. This book will show you exactly what you need to sort your life out. It gives you all the details on how you can turn your life around. Be the designer of your life – and create the life you want.


If you want more love in your life, you need to give out more love first.
Go there first yourself. This will set up the flow and create more love in your experience. When you 'feel' love, you begin to vibrate at this frequency and start to attract more of this into your life – the 'mirror' effect. Begin now by giving out more love around you today.


Could you do with having more wealth in your life?
To get in the flow of attracting more money into your life, begin by feeling already abundant. Start by noticing everything you already have and feeling deep appreciation in your heart. Write a list of all the things that make you feel 'rich' inside. There are many simple things that we have that are precious; it may be friends, health, children, home, work, food or simply being alive. This kickstarts the universal attractor magnet into bringing more wealth into your life fast.


Feeling inspired throws you directly on the path to success.
When we feel inspired, we're in a strong positive emotional space to create great things. Inspiration appears when we're least expecting it. It comes when we get 'emotionally charged'. To kick-start, let your mind 'go off' exploring – go walking, daydreaming, dancing, or jogging. Let your mind roll: let it loose. Allow yourself to explore outside your comfort zone and do something 'away' from your day-to-day habits. Amazing ideas drop in when our minds go free.


Want to boost your health and wellbeing?
First, write down 10 things that would make you feel better about life if you got healthier. This may be to feel more attractive or to have more energy. Once you've got clear on your motivations for getting healthier, it's much more likely you will stick to making positive changes to be healthier. Put your top five motivators up on your wall to remind you of the top reasons behind your health commitments.


Do you want more success?
Success starts with a feeling. Feel successful first and then let life catch up with this feeling. This is how manifesting works. Use this powerful technique: remember a time you felt really successful, or make up the feeling, and begin here. Feel successful, act as if you are already successful, dress as if you are successful and walk as you would if successful. Feel it. This process powers up your inner success framework fast.


Happiness is everything. It's what we are all after.
We can choose to be happy whatever is going on in our lives. How we feel is our own choice. We are driving our emotions every moment and it's up to us how we choose to feel moment by moment. Feel the power you have and choose to feel happy right now – regardless of what you are observing.

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Susie Pearl

Susie is a writer and mentor to successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, artists and creative people around the world. She has worked with famous names from music, TV and the business world and was founder and CEO of one of the world's leading celebrity PR agencies. Susie spent years as mentor and Managing Director to Paul McKenna and his business and has been advisor to many of the world's most successful brands including Microsoft, Adidas and Sony, training them how to work smarter and more happily. Susie now writes, presents and hosts personal trainings in the unique CREATE system.



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